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One Down, One to Go

So I finished the Merlin piece (I finished it 5 days ago but my laziness won out.... Again. I really should post entries more. Nothing big, just something like, I didn't die. Just heads up.) for the paperlegend project. Thing. Anyway, my writer (darkravenwrote) and her beta seemed to like it when they saw it so there's a win.

I need to work on Arthur's piece (My laziness is a formidable foe) and I need to figure out how to do a metal bit... because I've never really had to do a lot of metal so this shall be a learning experience. WHOO!

Also, a friend of mine learned when the post date for my writer and me before I did? Like I was wondering when it needed to be done and she told me it was August 15th and I thought she had just pulled a date out of her ass or has mafia connections or something. (Oh ragless, you clever girl.) As it turns out, I just hadn't been able to check on livejounal. My bad. (Yet again, I need to get on here more.)

Anyway, yeah. :I

Paper Legends Art

I've actually got some work done, I got the outline of Arthur pretty good and set, I just need to work on the face a tiny bit more. Merlin's piece is on it's way but the face bothers me and it's a bit too rough for my taste. They're going to look awesome. I'll be damned if they don't.

Paper Legends!!

Aha! My first real activity I'm doing on here! Sweeeeet.
I got my first choice~
Shit just got real. Mmm gurl.


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